Stretching After Inner Thigh Workout

Stretching is part of every work out to help you tone up your muscles and strengthen the muscles to avoid injury. This will also give your inner thighs flexibility that improves your walking style and movements in all life activities. You need flexibility in walking, jogging and in all activities involving the thighs. The best exercises are varied and give the whole thigh area a pampering that will leave you feeling good and strong at the inner thighs.

Yoga thigh stretching

Thigh strengthening exercises may be tiresome and your muscles may feel worn out. As a result, you will need to stretch them to reduce tension and muscle pain. Stretching after inner thigh workout firms the muscles of your inner thighs after exercise and a little yoga like exercise will help and this you can do by sitting, lying down or in a standing positions.


Sit on the floor with a straightened out back and legs apart try to reach your toes. You could also be in the same sitting position try to bend forward with your torso slightly lifting from the ground. You could also try sitting with your toes trying to touch each other and you flap your thighs to touch the floor. If you find this confusing, getting a good video online will give you all the procedures step by step one great link is Hyperbolic Stretching.


Lying down

The other yoga stretch would be for you to lie flat on your back and fold your legs such that the feet touch each other then try pressing the inner thighs down towards the floor. As you lie down, you can also flip your legs to and fro just like a baby does when they are relaxing on their back playing with their toes. With this exercise, you can be creative and experiment more.


Spread your feet wide apart then lift your hands as high as you can and slowly move your legs to touch the floor fold your arms in front of your head Bend from side to side and do some squats.

Leg Stretch

Another way to strengthen the inner thighs after exercise is to do the leg stretch. This you can do by lying on your arms and legs in a four legged creature position then lift your legs to the sides alternating both legs counting to 10. To do the leg stretch, you could also stand with legs apart and swing one leg at a time to the sides. This is both fun and easy.

stretching after inner thigh workout is a great and fun experience that will leave you feeling relaxed and flexible for better movements. Your legs and thighs support the whole body and flexible moves will enable you to move with much ease and confidence. This is ideal for both men and women and can be done in a group after aerobics inner thigh work outs or strength training.

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